About Us

North Sea is a division of Red Dot International (Australian Business Number: 13636101880, established in January 2004 in Australia), which is a fully owned, operated, and registered Australian business.

We proudly design and sell only premium-quality inflatable boats.

Since 2010 we have been boat enthusiasts. 
By taking our passion into this business we have created what we and many of our customers believe to be amazing boats with all the accessories you will need for competitive prices.

As you all know that looks aren't everything, however with our inflatable boats you get all the safety, functionality and stability as well as the best looking inflatable boat on the market.
Each of our boats is designed to meet and exceed the international ISO 6185-3 safety and quality standards.

At North Sea, your satisfaction is extremely important to us.
This is why we have carefully thought out and implemented every design feature on our boats. Having the best product for our customers is what we do!

We Support

We believe in giving back and is proud to regularly support the following organizations:

Our Warehouse Location (Since 2004)

Omnipro Warehouse

Established in 2004

Unit 31 , 11 Romford Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148
(For pickup only, Strictly by appointment)

Orders are dispatched from our NSW warehouse and our WA workshop.

Why North Sea Inflatable Boats?

We believe it is important to understand what you are purchasing, before investing your hard-earned money on an inflatable boat as not every inflatable boat is the same.

  • 100% premium inflatable boats.
  • Australia's best quality, safest, most durable premium inflatable boats, guaranteed!
  • Superior workmanship. North Sea inflatable boats are not just any ordinary inflatable boats.
  • North Sea inflatable boats are manufactured using the latest and highest quality materials available.
  • Every North Sea boat is made with premium-quality Valmex (Germany made) material.
  • Fully Thermowelded tubes. Every North Sea inflatable boat is manufactured using the latest-model Thermo Welding machines (Not glued like most other brands' boats).
  • North Sea inflatable boats are built to last many years (Not a few months or a couple of years like many other brands' boats).
  • Every North Sea inflatable boat is covered by our 3 year warranty (for personal use).
  • North Sea inflatable boats are manufactured to meet and exceed the international ISO 6185-3 safety and quality standards.
  • Every North Sea inflatable boat has 3 separate inflatable tubes and 1 separate inflatable base for safety (In the unlikely event where 1 tube looses air while on the water, you will still have other unaffected tubes).
  • Every North Sea inflatable boat comes with the following standard features and accessories:
    • V-shaped keel.
    • Extra wide keel strip (To help protect from any nasty abrasives that you may encounter).
    • Extra wide under tubes strips (To help protect from any nasty abrasives that you may encounter).
    • Double layer of protection around seating areas and on the underside of the tubes (To help protect from any nasty abrasives that you may encounter).
    • Extra large side rubbing strake (Side protection).
    • 1-Piece high-strength reinforced aluminium transom (Not a traditional plywood transom that will become rotten).
    • Heavy-duty reinforced aluminium flooring system.
    • Aluminium seats.
    • Full wraparound lifeline.
    • 2 aluminium oars with ergonomic oar locks.
    • Extra large marine-grade stainless-steel D handle (For pulling your boat).
    • Interior marine-grade stainless-steel D rings (Use for securing cargo inside).
    • Anti over inflation valve.
    • Bimini/Canopy top mounts (Ready for Bimini/Canopy when you are). Biminis/Canopies are available from us for an extra cost.
    • Petrol tank tie down.
    • Anchor Reel.
    • Removable Front/bow storage bag.
    • Removable Under-seat storage bag.
    • Floor bag.
    • Easy load boat bag.
    • Foot pump.
    • Repair kit.
  • All metal parts used in every North Sea inflatable boat are made of either marine-grade stainless-steel or aluminium. No part will be rusty or rotten.
  • Every North Sea inflatable boat comes with full money back guarantee.
  • You will get more than you pay for.

Why We Use Thermo Welding Technology in Every North Sea Inflatable Boat?

  • North Sea Thermo welded seams are at least 4 times stronger than glued seams.
  • Failure of glued seams is common! Over time, glue gets ‘tired’ and begins to let go. With Thermo Welding technology, you will never have this problem!
  • The useable life of a tube is in most cases not determined by the fabric, but by the durability of the seams.
  • We want you to have many years of enjoyment with North Sea inflatable boats, without having to worry about failure of seams.
  • North Sea's Thermo-Welded Valmex (Germany made) tubes' life is expected to exceed 12 years under normal climatic conditions.